The Power of Platelets

Platelet donation offers an extra-special gift at a time when a patient needs it most.

Platelets are the component of blood that controls our bleeding, which means that when stopping the loss of blood is critical – in transplant recipients, in cancer patients, during traumatic injuries – platelets answer the call. They collect at the site of an injury to help in the formation of clots, which then allows the wound to heal.

Adding to their importance is the fact that they have a short shelf life, which means that they must be replenished continually. Thankfully, since our own body restores this blood component so rapidly, platelet donors can make a donation every seven days.

We have a special program for platelet donors – it’s called #Path4Platelets. Platelet donors will receive rewards along their platelet donation journey as a thank you for giving the gift of life. Just image the path your platelets will take.

Blood and platelet donations truly are lifesaving gifts, like in the case of Gavin, who relied on them for survival.

Donate Platelets