Gallon Grad FAQ

Can any high school blood donor join the Gallon Grad program?

Any student that is enrolled at one of our partner high schools is welcome to join, as well as any home-schooled student within our service area. If you’re unsure if your high school is a participant, contact your school office for more information.

What if I have donated with CBC in the past before enrolling in Gallon Grad, but I don’t know exactly when those donations were?

No problem! Once you’ve enrolled, contact with your first name, last name and high school, and we will send you a list of your past donations. Please note that students must still enter this information directly into the portal. CBC staff cannot enter donations on behalf of students.

What if I am not eligible to donate?

Even if a student is not an eligible blood donor, they may still fulfill the volunteer, recruit and host requirements.

*Due to COVID-19, students may find it more challenging to complete the required hours of volunteering. Additional options for Gallon Grad volunteer requirements can be found on the Gallon Grad Program page.

How will I know my information has been verified?

After you enter your information, CBC will receive notification that it needs to be verified. Your profile dashboard will show when your information has been verified.

Can I fulfill a requirement more than once to achieve my two requirements?

Yes! The donate, recruit and host requirements may be completed twice.

For the host requirement, can I host the blood drive at my high school?

Yes! You are welcome to a host a blood drive at your high school. Your drive must not be part of your normal high school drive, must be approved by the school, and must collect at least 20 units.

For the host requirement, how many people does 20 units equate to?

In order to collect 20 units, we would expect at least 27 people to be signed up and present to donate. Your CBC Recruiter can provide assistance with this.

For questions, please contact