About Blood

Blood is Essential to Life

It’s no exaggeration to say that blood that is essential to life. But what makes it so important? In short, your blood acts as a transport system that carries oxygen and nutrients throughout your body while serving as a line of defense against infections and wounds. This means if a person suffers from a blood disorder or suffers extreme blood loss, their body isn’t receiving the repairing qualities that blood provides.

Just as crucial to the function of blood, though, is this fact: blood cannot be made or manufactured and can only be provided to another person by a volunteer blood donor. This makes blood donors literal life-savers and community heroes who help patients fight infections, heal wounds and restore health all by way of a generous volunteer donation.

What Parts Make Up Our Blood?

Blood is composed of a number of different components, but the primary products that are received through a blood donation are red blood cells, platelets and plasma.

What do these different components do?

Components of Blood

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To learn more about blood, visit the America’s Blood Centers website.

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