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By hosting a blood drive, you are giving the gift of life to local patients. Blood drives are a great way to display stewardship and come together as a community while making a local and positive impact. We even have some fun ideas to share with you about friendly competition!

Who can host a blood drive? Anyone! We’ve partnered with businesses large and small, community organizations, nonprofits, places of worship, schools, colleges, neighborhoods and established events. The more than 100 blood drives that happen each month are a direct result of the passionate and dedicated site coordinators. Thank you for making a difference in our communities.

To ensure your blood drive is successful, you will work with one of our dedicated team members to help you every step along the way. And remember, we’re always just a phone call away.

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Coordinator Profile: Beth

Beth of New London has experienced the power of blood donation first-hand. Her son, Quintin, has had three heart surgeries and has received blood as part of his medical journey, beginning at the young age of two. Beth knew there was something she could do to help support not only her son, but other patients in the local community as well.

Beth has been a blood drive coordinator for more than 20 years, running five drives each year at Emmanuel Lutheran. She gets to personally know each of the donors and ensures everyone feels welcome and comfortable while donating. She’ll even bring in chocolates or other special treats as a way to show her appreciation to the donors at her blood drives. As a positive and friendly face for the Emmanuel Lutheran blood drives, Beth embodies community and compassion. She is a great example of how blood drive coordinators make a significant impact for the local patients at our local hospitals.