Scholarship Program


At CBC, we’re committed to community. A big part of the community is the schools that foster growth and development for students. CBC’s scholarship program supports students pursuing post-secondary education by providing scholarship funding to partnering schools.

How to Apply

  1. Download and complete the application.
  2. Plan and execute a creative project or presentation that will educate and inspire individuals to make blood donation a life-long practice. Types of projects might include:
    • Essay or blog entry (maximum of 500 words)
    • Create a web page
    • Record a speech or song (maximum 3 minutes, submit words/lyrics)
    • Film a commercial or video (maximum 1 minute)


  1. Students: please contact your blood drive lead for your school’s submission deadline.
  2. Schools: please submit the winning applicant(s) with accompanying projects or presentations to the CBC Marketing Department

Get Started

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