Denise’s Story

May 18, 2021
“I couldn’t even tell you how many transfusions of red cells and platelets I got,” said Denise. Like many cancer patients, transfusions were a regular part of Denise’s treatment plan after she was diagnosed with a blood cancer known as [read more...]

Announcing: Thank the Donor®

April 19, 2021
Have you ever wondered about the patient receiving your donated blood? What’s on their mind? What they might say should they have the opportunity to engage with their blood donor? The Community Blood Center is excited to further our mission [read more...]

Jerry’s Story

April 2, 2021
Some people put their heart and soul – their everything – into helping others. Well, we’d like to introduce you to one of them: Jerry. If his photo looks familiar, it could be because you’ve sat next to him out [read more...]

Ray’s Donation Story

March 29, 2021
We’d like to introduce you to Ray, a Vietnam Veteran and committed blood donor. After spending 14 months serving in Vietnam, Ray returned to the United States in May 1970. When he got home, he started donating blood. “The least [read more...]

CBC Announces New Online Scheduling Tool

January 25, 2021
The Community Blood Center is excited to announce a new online scheduling tool! This enhancement provides a new, easy way for donors to schedule donations and see past and future appointments online. This new tool will be available later this [read more...]

Decades of Blood Donation

December 11, 2020
A firefighter in Chicago, Brian has dedicated much of his life to saving lives. As a first responder, he is often on the frontlines helping those in need. His life-saving efforts don’t end when he clocks out for the day, [read more...]

Dan’s Dedication to Donation

November 11, 2020
For nearly 14 years, Dan has been dedicated to saving lives by donating blood. To date, he has donated 12 gallons of whole blood. “It makes a difference and is actually a fairly relaxing thing to do. And it’s for [read more...]