Announcing: Thank the Donor®

April 19, 2021

Have you ever wondered about the patient receiving your donated blood? What’s on their mind? What they might say should they have the opportunity to engage with their blood donor?

The Community Blood Center is excited to further our mission to Connect Lives; Share Life by helping anonymously connect the patient to their blood donor.

Announcing: Thank the Donor®

Thank the Donor® is an innovative program that allows patients who have received a transfusion to send a message of appreciation to the individual who donated the blood, platelets or plasma they received.

thank the donor message

Can we pause for a minute…How cool is this?!

How does it work?

  • Blood donors: Just be sure CBC has your email address –that’s all you need to do. Well that, and keep donating! The message from the patient will be sent to your email account.
  • Patients: Each blood bag comes with a green heart tag. While in the hospital, you’ll receive information on how to share an appreciation to the person who donated the blood you received. The nursing staff at partnering hospitals is trained on how the program works as well.

Once a patient submits an appreciation, the message is sent back to The Community Blood Center for review.

Privacy is an incredibly important part of this program. The message of appreciation is reviewed by The Community Blood Center, and edited if needed, to ensure the privacy of the patient. Blood donor information is never shared with a patient or anyone else as part of this program. After patient and donor privacy is confirmed, the message will be sent to the blood donor’s email.

These messages will make your day. They’ll make you smile. Possibly even cry (the happy tears…it has caused us to grab a tissue or two). We’re thrilled to share these appreciations with blood donors. Because for the patient receiving the transfusion, it’s a big deal. Blood donors are a big deal.

How do I know if CBC has my email address?

If you’ve never received an email from CBC, then there’s a good chance we don’t have your email address on file. If you’re not sure, check with us and we’ll let you know what email address, if any, we have for you. Call (800) 280-4102, email, or check with one of our team members the next time you donate.

Participating hospitals

Our hope is to provide this exciting program to all of our partnering hospitals. As you can imagine, it’s a pretty significant program. Because of that, we’re rolling out the program in phases.

We are pleased to launch the program partnering with a ThedaCare clinic. Once the program is established, there are plans to expand it to additional ThedaCare locations. We look forward to adding more hospitals and hospital systems in the near future.

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Thank the Donor® is a trademark of Oklahoma Blood Institute and its use is licensed by The Community Blood Center.