Therapeutic Services

The Community Blood Center provides free therapeutic phlebotomies as a service to the community.

For people diagnosed with Hereditary Hemochromatosis (HH), therapeutic phlebotomies with The Community Blood Center can be a way to help other people. Blood from people with HH who meet allogeneic donor eligibility criteria (with the exception of donation frequency) will be released for transfusion to hospital patients.

People with HH who do not meet allogeneic donor eligibility criteria but who qualify as a therapeutic patient will have their blood collected as a therapeutic patient. Like the blood given by other therapeutic patients, this blood will not be released for transfusion. Click on the link to view our therapeutic phlebotomy handout for hospital staff.

In order to participate in the therapeutic phlebotomy program, patients and donors must:

  • Meet hematocrit/hemoglobin parameters as identified in the physician order
  • Be ambulatory, or able to perform self-transfer to and from a wheelchair
  • Meet the health history criteria established by The Community Blood Center Medical Director

To start the process of participating in the therapeutic phlebotomy program, call The Community Blood Center Special Procedures Coordinator at (800) 280-4102, ext 6657.