The Community Blood Center is excited to launch its #Path4Platelets Program. This program encourages donors to give platelets, and shows how you can send your platelets on a new path, all while connecting lives and sharing life. Schedule your appointment today!

How it works:
  • Each platelet donor will receive a punch card


  • All presenting platelet donors will receive 1 punch per visit
  • All presenting platelet donors on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays will receive 2 punches per visit
Punch Card Items:
  • After achieving 5 punches, donors can choose from a variety of CBC items*, and after 10 punches, they can choose from a variety of items of increased value

 Why donate platelets?
  • Due to their short shelf-life of only 5 days, platelets must continually be replenished each day of the week. Don't forget - you can donate platelets every 7 days!
  • Cancer patients often need lifesaving blood and platelet transfusions to replace these vital products lost during chemo, radiation, surgery, or bone marrow transplants.
  • Oftentimes platelets are required during heart surgery procedures.