CBC’s Chicago Community Volunteer Project

June 12, 2020
Chicago community clean up

“Do great, feel great.” Do you remember the last time you volunteered to do something great that left you feeling great, like you made a real impact on someone else’s life? Maybe it was the last time you donated blood, or maybe it was the last time you volunteered with your church group.

For our volunteers, it was the weekend after the protests in Chicago created damage and debris turned into riots and looting, as they participated in our Community Clean-Up Project in the South Side of Chicago.

“Do great, feel great.” Not only did our CBC volunteers wear this motto on their shirts, they also held that belief strongly in their hearts, knowing that helping out in times like these – in situations requiring all hands on-deck – they were doing their part to ensure everyone else feels great in the community, too.

“They felt as if they were carrying a badge of honor saying, ‘We’re here to do great and feel great in the community,’” recalls Tammy Winchester, CBC Community Outreach Manager for Chicago.

“Do great, feel great.” Tammy, as a South Side native of Chicago, also felt this motto and project was very near and dear to her heart. Recently, she found herself thinking, “What can I do for the community I’ve been a part of all my life?”

After seeing other nonprofits in the community organizing clean-up efforts, she knew right away a clean-up project would be the perfect solution for CBC, too. “Not only am I helping my community, I’m representing a great organization: CBC,” Tammy said.

“Do great, feel great.” CBC embodies this motto in every action we take. Our top priority is our engagement within the communities we serve, and now that CBC’s first official community volunteer project has been successfully completed, we’re looking forward to partnering with more local leaders, local organizations and the population of Chicago to better understand the community’s need and priorities and give back in every way possible.

We’re bringing our community-centric focus to our new home in Chicago. CBC is engaging hospitals, schools, churches, community organizations and governments across Chicago to find new ways to make a difference in the well-being of everyone.

We come ready to learn, ready to roll up our sleeves in service to the well-being of every neighborhood on the South Side. We’ve been hard at work and are excited to share more about our new Chicago donor center in the months ahead, so stay tuned!