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Trooper Hansen's Story

“I wouldn’t be here today without the gift of blood from people able and willing to donate,” stated Trooper Justin Hansen.

On January 26, 2014, Trooper Hansen responded to a multiple-vehicle crash on US 41 in Winnebago County. The road was covered with snow when he arrived to the scene. Two separate crashes in the same area required his immediate assistance. 

While retrieving an emergency kit from the trunk of his cruiser, Trooper Hansen was struck by an approaching vehicle that lost control on the snow-covered road. The vehicle had pinned him to his cruiser. Trooper Hansen sustained life-threatening injuries.

Before emergency medical responders arrived, he received life-saving care from individuals at the scene. Both his legs were broken and required four surgeries. His right leg was severely injured and had to be amputated below the knee. “During surgery I received five pints of blood,” he shared. “I spent three days in the Intensive Care Unit. I was so scared I wasn’t going to survive.”

After returning home, Trooper Hansen realized life and work will go on and it was up to him to make the best of it. “Though a trying and painful process, I am fortunate to be alive, and count my blessings daily,” he beamed.  “My mother used to work at a blood center. I appreciate what it takes from both staff and donors alike to keep blood supplies stocked 365 days a year.”