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Mira's Story

“Blood products became an important part of our journey,” stated Tania, Mira’s mother.

In spring 2009, 9-month-old Mira came down with a bad cold that took a turn for the worse. A rash covered her entire body and uncontrollable fevers continued for over four weeks.  After six doctor visits and three hospital visits, one thing was very clear – Mira was losing the fight.

Mira was diagnosed with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis (HLH), an autoimmune disease that is often fatal. HLH results in an over activation of parts of the immune system causing severe systemic inflammation, organ and tissue damage and extremely low blood counts.

Mira needed a blood transfusion. Her family was terrified, “I remembered staring at the bag of blood cells wondering where it came from, who donated it and why did they do it?” shared  Tania. Little did the family know, over the next three years Mira would receive many more blood products. 

Having only a few options, Mira had become reliant on blood products. With numerous setbacks and complications, Mira was transferred to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where she spent more than four more months.  After two more years into Mira’s battle, a bone marrow transplant became her only hope.

The bone marrow transplant was a success. Mira is now able to live her life to her full potential, thanks to the help of her bone marrow donor and the many blood product donors.   Every donation makes a difference in the lives of those in need.

“Thank you so much blood donors.  God Bless You!” exclaimed Tania.