Jill & Logan's Story

“It almost felt magical, like electricity. The life just came back into me,” Jill recalled.

In 2008, one month prior to her due date, Jill began suffering complications from her pregnancy resulting in massive blood loss.  After being rushed to the hospital doctors discovered her son, Logan, was still alive. An emergency C-section was performed, but they both needed blood transfusions to survive. 

“They were hoping we would make our own blood, and we would be fine, but it just wasn’t happening,” recalled Jill. “We both were too weak.” Both Jill and Logan received blood transfusions and the effects were instantaneous. “As soon as I got the blood I was able to sit up, converse and feel like a human being again,” exclaimed Jill. “I don’t know how I would have survived if I hadn’t had it.”

On the one year anniversary of near tragedy, Jill and her husband, Chris, donated blood together. “The experience gave donating even more meaning,” shared Chris, a lifelong blood donor. Years later, Jill and Logan are both happy and healthy. Thanks to the life-saving gift of blood.