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Gavin's Story

“The first time I gave blood was 20 years ago. Never would I have thought I would be in a situation where my son’s life depended on it,” stated Jason, Gavin’s Father.

At six weeks old, Gavin became very ill. Jason and Keri, Gavin’s parents, brought their son to Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to see a doctor. The diagnosis was inconclusive, but was believed to be a very rare viral infection. He became lethargic and his immune system was unresponsive.

For treatment, Gavin received blood and platelets. “If that wasn’t available to us I don’t even want to think about what could have happened,” expressed Keri. Both Gavin and his brother Kaden have been diagnosed with hemophilia, a blood clotting disorder. “Something minor like an injury or a bleed could turn into a whole lot worse,” shared Jason. “We are always faced with the fear that they may need a blood transfusion.”

“Somebody who has decided to give blood to help somebody else probably will never realize they allowed someone else’s 22-month-old little boy to live a perfectly normal life,” stated Keri. “Giving him the chance to be able to run, jump, play ball with his family and light up their lives. I can’t imagine our life without him and thank God somebody was kind enough to make a donation.”