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We encourage all blood donors to schedule an appointment to ensure the best donation experience.

READYDONOR MUST be completed the same calendar day of your donation. If you complete this online questionnaire before your date of donation, it will not be valid and you will need to complete a new questionnaire at the donation site.

The process for completing READYDONOR is easy! It’s just 4 steps, and should take around 10 minutes!

  1. Find a private, comfortable setting where you will not be disturbed.
  2. Get started with some initial questions.
  3. Review the educational materials, and complete the questionnaire. If you are unsure of a response, please press “Next” to skip the question(s), and a staff member will address your question(s) upon review.
  4. Upon completion of READYDONOR a code will be generated. To obtain this code, select “Generate Donor Pass” from the bottom of the page. You will need to present this code at the time of donation, without it, you will need to complete a new questionnaire at the donation site.
  • If taking READYDONOR prior to presenting for your donation: you can plan to print or email yourself your READYDONOR code to present at the time of your donation.


  • If taking READYDONOR at the time of your donation: keep READYDONOR code present on a tablet provided. Alert Registration staff that you have completed your online questionnaire to receive further instruction.

Ready to donate?

Click CONTINUE to acknowledge the following statements:

  1. You are donating blood today.
  2. You are answering the questions without input from anyone else.