High School Scholarship Program


The Community Blood Center (CBC), your local community blood provider, is dedicated to supporting local high schools and high school students pursuing higher education.

The program will award each partnering high school scholarship funds, which will be applied to the recipients’ college education, and is chosen by a committee comprised of high school staff.

Together, we can deliver positive life lessons for high school students through the emphasis of the significance of a life-long impact of blood donation and community involvement.


Complete an application, along with any model release forms needed, which are also available through a high school counselor or CBC school representative.

Use your imagination to submit a creative project or presentation that will educate and inspire individuals to make blood donation a lifelong habit.

  • Submit an essay or blog entry (max 500 words)
  • Create a web page
  • Record a song (max 3 minutes and must submit lyrics)
  • Film a commercial or video (max 1 minute)
  • Any other creative professional media you can think of!
  • Applications and projects must be turned in to your school representative by Friday, March 22, 2019.
  • Each participating high school must submit the winning application(s) with accompanying projects or presentations to the Marketing Department at CBC by April 19, 2019.

For more information contact your high school counselor or email marketing@communityblood.org.