Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you changing the Gallon Grad program?

In order to allow more students to participate in the Gallon Grad Program, including those who aren’t eligible to donate blood, we have expanded the qualifying criteria to provide more opportunities for students to get involved, save lives through blood donation, and become a Gallon Grad.

How do I enter previous Gallon Grad donations?

After creating your account, contact and let us know you have past donations that need to be entered.

What if I am not eligible to donate?

Students may begin fulfilling the Volunteer, Recruit and Host requirements at any time.

Do I have to be a blood donor to become a Gallon Grad?

No! With the changes made to the Gallon Grad program, students who are not able to give blood can still participate

How will CBC verify the information I provide in the Gallon Grad portal?

After you enter your information, CBC will receive notification that it needs to be verified. After verification, you will see this information on your dashboard.

Can I fulfill a requirement more than once to achieve my 2 requirements?

Yes! You may fulfill each requirement more than once, except the Volunteer requirement.

For the “Host” requirement, can I a host the blood drive at my high school?

Yes! You are welcome to a host a blood drive at your high school that collects at least 20 units, as long as it is not in connection with your normal high school drive.

For the “Host” requirement, how many people does 20 units equate to?

In order to collect 20 units, we would expect at least 27 people to be signed up and present to donate. Your CBC Recruiter can provide assistance with this.