The Value of Employer-led Activism is Clear... So Why Blood Donation?

CBC relies on area businesses—of all sectors and sizes—to host over 100 mobile blood drives each month.

Working as an extension of our team, CBC’s partnering businesses, and their appointed coordinators, help to bring generous volunteer donors to mobile drives. Leading recurring blood drives provides businesses with continuous opportunities to connect with the communities that support them, while providing great benefits to their own employees, vendors and stakeholders.

Rallying around a cause, such as blood donation, increases employee engagement, builds camaraderie, boosts company morale and gives staff the opportunity to make a positive difference in the community while representing a company they can be proud of.  Mobile blood drives also allow businesses, organizations and affiliates the ability to fulfill their social responsibility in a way that’s simple and convenient for all participants.

  • Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood, and at some point, you, a friend, a family member or a neighbor may need blood next.
  • Because there is no substitute for blood products, patients rely on altruistic businesses and organizations to sponsor blood drives.
  • CBC provides 100% of the blood used by patients in local hospitals throughout Wisconsin and Michigan.
  • Your team can help ensure that blood products will be available when they—or people they know—need them.