High School Scholarship Program


At CBC, we’re committed to our local communities. A big part of community are the schools that foster growth and development for our local students. CBC’s High School Scholarship Program works with our partner high schools to select students deserving of scholarship funds. A committee comprised of high school staff determines which student receives the scholarship.

By emphasizing the importance of community involvement and the lifelong impact of blood donation, we believe that we can inspire and prepare area high school students as they embark upon their college experience.

How to Apply

  1. Download and complete the application.
  2. Plan and execute a creative project or presentation that will educate and inspire individuals to make blood donation a life-long practice. Types of projects might include:
    • Essay or blog entry (maximum of 500 words)
    • Create a web page
    • Record a speech or song (maximum 3 minutes, submit words/lyrics)
    • Film a commercial or video (maximum 1 minute)


  1. High school students: please contact your high school representative for your school’s submission deadline.
  2. High schools: please submit the winning applicant(s) with accompanying projects or presentations to the CBC Marketing Department by Friday, April 20, 2021.

Get Started

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