COVID Plasma’s Community Impact

October 22, 2020
Robin's COVID Plasma Donation

“One day, I just didn’t feel myself. I couldn’t pinpoint it. I just didn’t feel myself.”

Like many, Robin not feeling herself ended up as a positive case of COVID-19. She started to get the chills, going from hot to cold for a few days. Unable to get her 102-degree fever to break, Robin’s husband took her to the hospital.

Donate COVID Plasma

“It was probably a good thing because at that point, my oxygen was low,” said Robin.

Robin felt healthy prior to her COVID-19 diagnosis and even as she battled the virus, she didn’t realize how ill she really was.

“Things were happening that I didn’t know were happening. My organs were swelling. Pneumonia set in,” added Robin.

While hospitalized she received both convalescent plasma and remdesivir. For the first 48 hours she was in the hospital, her doctor wasn’t sure if she would start recovering or if she would continue to get sicker. Once she received the treatments, though, she started to get better. After five days, she was released from the hospital and went home.

“I’m extremely grateful. I’ve got a husband and two kids, and I just tear up thinking about it,” said Robin. “When you’re on this side of it, you think of those that didn’t make it.”

She hopes people will see the impact they can make by donating convalescent plasma.

“Think about your family. You’re doing it for someone else. For their family. They could be a mom, a dad. You just don’t know,” added Robin.