CBC Collects First Convalescent Plasma Donation

April 30, 2020

The Community Blood Center (CBC) has reached a milestone for the community in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and a recovered COVID-19 patient is to thank.

Gregg Bartel of Malone, Wis., who was diagnosed with COVID-19 and has since fully recovered, was CBC’s first donor of convalescent plasma on Wednesday, April 29. This plasma can now be directly transfused to a patient currently suffering from COVID-19 as a potential treatment option. Like all transfusions, a compatible blood type match must also be met.

Gregg Bartel, CBC’s first convalescent plasma donor

“I know how tough this illness is,” Bartel explains. “If my experience is able to make someone else’s a little easier,

I’m happy to contribute.”

While this donation is an important step in providing treatment options for local patients, it is just the first donation of many that CBC hopes to collect in the coming weeks and months. Bartel understands the potential his and others’ plasma has.

“COVID-19 is very serious,” Bartel shared. “Hopefully others who recover are willing to give their plasma as well.”

CBC is calling on those who have been diagnosed and have since recovered from COVID-19 to consider making a plasma donation. Interested individuals can learn more by calling (800) 280-4102 or by visiting

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, patients in local hospitals still rely on transfusions for ongoing medical treatments. CBC is the sole supplier of all blood and blood components to nearly 30 local hospitals. Blood is still needed for cancer patients, necessary surgeries and emergencies. Healthy and eligible individuals, including first-time donors, are encouraged to schedule an appointment at or by calling (800) 280-4102.